Why choose Burgundy Limestone ?

Here are 10 good reasons for choosing Burgundy Limestone

Using Burgundy limestone promotes its heritage, encourages the local economy, perpetuates unique local know-how and preserves the environment. 


For its aesthetic and structural qualities. Local architecture and projects throughout the world are the proof.


There are over 70 varieties, of stone in different shades: light beige, cream, golden, pink, light yellow, grey, blue and mottled.This diversity of colours adapts to all types of decoration.


Contemporary ? Traditional ?The numerous choices of finishes allow you to personalise your choice of style and ambiance for your house.


It can be used for all types of furnishings both inside and outside, restoration, sculpture, large architectural projects and landscaping. It is a material that adapts to custom made items. 


Burgundy limestone is 100% natural and can be recycled indefinitely 


Its maintenance is simple and natural 


Elegant and noble, it will give style to your home. You could even claim to have chosen the same stone used for the pedestals of the Eiffel tower, the stairs in the Louvre, the British Museum,  the New York Met Museum etc.



A local resource, it represents substantial employment in Burgundy, particularly in rural areas.



It is extracted and worked by passionate professionals with unique know-how.  Many of the companies are family concerns.



Good stone generates good wine !  It is the soil’s mineral content which creates exceptional fine wines.