Consumer guarantees and advantages

What the GI permits

The Geographical Indication Pierre de Bourgogne is an official quality stamp which can be applied on products which have a precise geographical origin and which possess the qualities, a reputation or characteristics connected to this place of origin.   This strong legal support, identifiable and recognised, allows the Pierre de Bourgogne sector to preserve its regional identity and know-how, such as dry-stone roof tiles (laves). The regular controls undertaken by Certipaq guarantee that the code of practice is being followed in total transparency.


Guarantee the origin of Pierre de Bourgogne


Authenticate the Pierre de Bourgogne


To ensure the traceability of the finished product


To protect the products of Pierre de Bourgogne faced with unfair competition, fraud and deception


To fight against an abusive use of the trade name Pierre de Bourgogne for products which do not comply


To enhance, in France and for export, the production of Pierre de Bourgogne by strengthening its reputation.


To develop the companies and to support the economic activity of the area 


To participate in the promotion of Burgundy amongst other sectors who have acquired official stamps of origin and quality


To encourage specifiers to use a local and natural material


To protect and enhance a unique local heritage and know-how


To perpetuate the local industrial fabric


To choose a product certified by an impartial organisation (Certipac)

What are the benefits of the GI Pierre de Bourgogne ?

For the consumers, it is a guarantee of the quality and authenticity of a product respecting an ancestral know-how, which has contributed to the unique reputation of the product 


Artisans de la pierre de Bourgogne

For the craftsmen and workshops, it is a way to promote their products and their know-how, as well as an efficient tool against unfair competition and possible counterfeits   

collectivités locales

For local associations, it is a way to protect their heritage and to promote unique regional know-how.   


The labelling of products under the GI Pierre de Bourgogne

- The mention "IG Pierre de Bourgogne" or "Indication Géographique Pierre de Bourgogne"  and its logo

- The national logo of the IG PIA (Industrial and Artisanal Products) defined by a legal declaration, accompanied by the name and the number of the certification of the GI, in compliance with article R.721-8 of the code of Intellectual Property.

- The certification number of the quarry and/or the workshop, delivered by the control organisation

- The name of the sold material 

- The name and address of the ODG (Defence and Management Organisation)

- The name of the certification organisation and/or its logo


Products sold under the Geographical Indication "Pierre de Bourgogne" must include the following information on labels or on accompanying documents.   With the above, one has the guarantee that the products are indeed Burgundy limestone and that they respect the code of practice.