Engagement and control of the operators

The control is an essential step.

It enables guaranteeing the traceability of the raw material, certifying the origin of the finished product, checking that the requirements of the code of practice are respected.



Impartial, it is undertaken by the external auditor CERTIPAQ. This happens every 3 years for the quarries and every year for the fabricating workshops as well as for the Defence and Management Organisation (ODG).  Each operator pays for its control. The ODG pays for its own. The control examinations are undertaken by interviews, study of documents and site visits. 


The items requested by the auditor

For the quarries:

  • The cadastral plan
  • The act of joint and several guarantee
  • The data showing the characteristics of the stone extracted
  • The authorisation to produce under the GI
  • The block register*
  • The material tracking records 


*Numbering, identification by bench, name of the stone


For the fabricators

  • The data concerning the characteristics of the stones commercialised
  • The authorisation to allow production under the GI
  • The register of incoming products*
  • The material tracking records 

* blocks, slabs, 6 faced items, tiles