Sustainable development

Burgundy limestone is an ecological natural material.

Local and sustainable, it lasts over time.

It breathes and does not produce any toxic emissions into the air.

It does not need any finishing product and develops a natural patina over the course of time

It is simple to maintain (water and Savon de Marseille)

A natural regulator of temperature, it absorbs heat during cold periods and maintains freshness in the summer.  Its insulation properties avoid excessive heating in the winter. 

Stone is recycled forevermore. 

It is extracted in Burgundy quarries respecting the current environmental regulations and worked according to rigorously followed procedures.

Its processing creates little waste or pollution.

The by-products of stone such as slurry are transformed into beneficial products.   Water used at each stage of extraction and processing is recycled.

It does not need to be treated or impregnated with chemicals to ensure its durability.