The sanctions applied

In which case can sanctions be imposed ?

Any infringement against a Geographical Indication constitutes a counterfeit act involving the responsibility of its author.  Sanctions can be imposed against companies or individuals who, notably : 



- fraudulently use or try to use a Geographical Indication ;

- use falsehoods or try to make believe that a product benefits from a Geographical Indication ;

- affix or apply, by addition, reduction or by any kind of alteration, on natural or fabricated products, placed on sale or destined to be sold, a GI, knowing it to be inexact. 


The penalty incurred by the guilty parties

The maximum penalty applicable is 2 years imprisonment and a 300 000 € fine.

Individuals or companies declared guilty also risk, as an additional penalty, the interdiction to exercise the professional activity in the exercise or on the occasion of the exercise for which the infraction has been committed.